Tour bus service

For over 20 years, Coach Service has provided the most modern and flexible fleet in Europe for the travel industry. The tour buses take travelers to all locations within Europe and beyond. Our specialized full service ensures safe and carefree transport. We offer comprehensive transport logistics for European tours too. We can arrange any tour bus service in any corner of the world. We use modern coach buses and they are extremely comfortable and built in modern technology. You can keep your luggage separately and feel free to go and get excited. Aplus travel and tours provide a tour guide in most cases to guide you in travel destinations. We provide a total package along with transport to improve guest experience.

Explore whole the world

Tour buses will provide a chance for you to go anywhere you want to go. It is always. It has wider viewing facilities even you don’t have to get down to see anything.

Extremely comfortable

All tour buses are modern and handy. It has many facilities such as televisions, WIFI & sleeping facilities etc. Our tour bus assistants are extremely friendly and supportive. You can get anything you like to drink or eat right away.

Tour Guidance

Most of the time we arrange tour buses for you when there are many site visiting and tours. So we provide one or two tour guides in-order to make sure you are not lost in anywhere. They provide enough information before and after the trip, regarding the destination that you visit.

Safety & Security

We make sure that wherever you go your security and safety is 100 % assured. Especially when you are carrying small children we make sure to increase number of tour guides in-order to keep everything okay. New SOS feature in our mobile application can help you any time when you are lost. All you have to do is to hit the SOS button when you are in a trouble so our tour guides can track you and access to you as soon as possible.